9 easy steps for a healthier life and planet

1. Stop doing your laundry

Well at least polyester and other plastic-based fabrics. Washing one pair of polyester clothes unleashes thousands of tiny plastic fibers in the water. Reaching the ocean, these plastic fibers also absorbs toxins and enter in the food-chain making their way back to your next cocktail party. So when you shop, avoid polyester altogether and go for cotton. Here are some interesting bedtime reading http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-16709045http://www.motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2011/12/your-fleece-killing-oceanhttp://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/334341/title/Synthetic_lint_ends_up_in_oceans and http://coastalcare.org/2009/11/plastic-pollution/

Recover from sickess .2

Two simple things to do when facing illness such as a cold… and probably more serious illness : avoid sugar as it temporarily slows down the immune system. Why don’t they teach us this in school instead of mathematics? Also moving your body is advised because of the lymph. The lymph is liquid in your body that transports the virus-fighting cells, it has no pump, it moves around as the body moves. It makes a good difference when fighting infection to have the lymph circulate. Red Root herb (Ceanothus americanus) is a key herb to help the lymph. Another advice is to avoid meat temporarily when fighting illness. Don’t trust me, trust Dr. Greger (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/uprooting-the-leading-causes-of-death/).

3. Cut negative thoughts

I’m not saying to suppress them, but understand why you have them and figure a way to let them go. Above all, it’s the mind that is the strongest and its power — when used — has more precedence than the food you eat and the things you do. If you find yourself entertaining negative thoughts for more than a few minutes, stop and wonder, let these go before moving on. Do not let yourself bathe in worries. One of the best way to not entertain negative thoughts is to remove any sort of culpability on yourself and others.

Stop inhaling car fumes .4

Car fumes are strong neurotoxic – because of the additives in them. If you are pregnant, avoid car fumes. Always keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. If you are transiting through a very polluted area, put the air recirculation on *before* entering the area. This applies to North America at least. If you live in Europe for example, this does not apply because the gasoline there is much cleaner and has less dangerous additives.

5. Use biodegradable sunscreens
Don’t buy chemical-based sunscreens, buy biodegradable mineral-based sunscreens. Not only they are efficient but they don’t give you cancer and they don’t harm marine life. Read this “Use sunscreens that don’t harm our beautiful coral reefs. “ ! Chemical-based sunscreens harms marine life because of the chemicals inside as well as the nano-particles : one drop of nano-particle is enough to contaminate water the size of a Olympic swimming pool. Yipp.ca sells those sunscreen.

 Cut milk .6
Did you know that milk causes osteoporosis. Yes and I repeat : milk accelerates the onset of osteoporosis. On the other hand, it is a true fact that milk accelerates the reparation of bones. This is done by accelerating the osteoblasts and osteoclasts action on the body. The osteoclasts dig up holes in the bone and is followed by an osteoblast cells that fill up with fresh new bone. The studies used by the milk industry to claim that milk gives you strong bones is based on these short-term studies. Unfortunately the osteoblasts (bone constructors) are limited in the lifetime of humans – much like the fixed ovules count in a women’s lifetime. Constantly accelerating this phenomenon by drinking milk year after year will make you run shorter osteoblasts sooner. The osteoclasts however do not vanish and will continue to dig-up holes in the bone at a rate that the osteblasts cannot fill ! This cause osteoporosis : bones full of holes. Even in 2012, doctors are still recommending to drink milk to women, go figure. To get the scientific researches and sources read this book called : Alimentation : Lait, mensonges et propagande.

7. Eat organic butter

It’s a well-known fact that the body stores in fat cells the toxic chemicals it cannot eliminate. The same thing happens to the animals. USDA pesticide residue tests has shown that there is not a single detected pesticide residue in animal’s muscle from the list of hundreds of tested pesticides – however it is found in alarming amount in fat tissues. The same alarming level of pesticides were found in butter. Neurotoxic pesticides. So why not cut on animal fat… or if you purchase anything containing animal fat : go organic. That’s a small step but with probably the biggest difference : by encouraging organic producers, you stop supporting Monsanto who would otherwise supply the corn, soy and the pesticides sprayed on the crops used to feed the animals.

 Why use biodegradable cleaning products .8

Not only you will breathe cleaner air, but you will protect marine life. It is a total nonsense to pollute the water with non-biodegradable products. After all we drink that water. Water on the earth is the same one flowing 70 millions years ago drank by dinosaurs and caveman. Fortunately Earth has ways to purify water. Unfortunately we pollute at a rate so high that most people don’t have access to pure water – so are animals.


9. Watch out for electro-smog

Wi-fi and cellphones’s effects on our health are very real. They act like a general weakener. They weaken the blood-brain barrier (the thing that protects your brain from harmful chemicals). Take a look at numerious studies (http://scholar.google.ca/scholar?start=10&q=blood-brain+barrier+permeability+rats+emf) and also this one where they use EMF to help a medicament make it to the brain to fight AIDS. Electromagnetic radiations also plays a role in the melatonin-cortisone hormone balance, causing a decrease in melatonin and increase in cortisone. Melatonin help you sleep long nights and cortisone is a stress hormone. More info on melatonin can be found in “Mélatonine pour dormir“. Furthermore I have personally experienced that when you are on the edge of illness, it can be a triggering factor, which can be misleading for some sufferers as it is not the root cause. And to finish some people’s resistance to electromagnetic emissions can be shattered by accidents (strong exposition or low long-term exposition) and then be more affected by it.

Bolton-Est, November 2012

Natural and ecological resources for a non-toxic environment

Clay paint

You can create a relaxing environment by using clay-paint, an earth-friendly paint that gives this warm and vivid touch to your living space. The clay paint bellow is no-odor, non-toxic, no-VOC.




Citrus solvent – biodegradable and non-toxic solvent

<< Unlike paint thinner, our Citrus Solvent does not cause damage to the internal organs of the body when breathed in; instead, it passes through without effect. As a matter of fact, when you drink orange juice from the store, you drink small amounts of Citrus Solvent in the form of oils from the orange peel from which the juice was squeezed! Of course, this does not mean to throw caution to the wind and celebrate by taking a healthy swig of solvent. >>



How to protect your deck?







Very good list of information for ecological floor product





Il y a du beau monde à la Foire du Projet ÉCOSPHÈRE. Nous avons visité celle de Brome. Plusieurs kiosques familiers. Cette maison attira notre attention – une très bonne idée de maison compacte et moderne. Nous sommes en retard au Québec sur ce point, est-ce à cause de nos hivers plus froids? Très populaire en Nouvelle-Zélande, ce type de maison compacte, dont certains modèles sur railles sont installés sur les plages où il y a risque d’inondations. Le modèle visité ici est assez cher (100,000$). S’il semblait plaire au genre masculin, la gente féminine désirant famille n’était toutefois pas convaincue.

Comparé à une maison conventionnelle préfabriquée de 80,000$, ceci ne semble pas encore assez attrayant. Par contre, cette maison peut être agrandie en y greffant d’autres modules semblables – et ce, en trois dimensions. De plus elle peut s’installer sur pieux. À noter que les prix mentionnés ici ne comprennent pas l’achat d’un terrain, de la fosse septique, du puits artésien ni des fondations (calculer au moins 50,000$ pour toutes ces choses).

L’intérieur est très chaleureux, avec de grandes fenêtres.

Également à noter la présence de Zayat Aroma qui a un nouveau site web pour distribuer les huiles essentielles de Mikael Zayat; la présence de Jean-Martin Fortier de la ferme bio La Grelinette; un cabinet de dentiste holistique à Bromont qui a l’air très bien; ainsi que Tupperware, qui essaye à chaque expo “bio-éco-santé” de nous faire croire que leurs trucs en plastique sont écologiques 😉

Pour ceux qui aimes l’idée de maison écologique je vous invite à voir le projet Earthship. Par exemple cette maison à couté 4000$ en matériaux et inclus la fosse septique:
(Haiti Earthship)
Il existe des modèles pour notre climat également!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2so9hyNWxc (Video de démonstration)







Jean Pierre Dutilleux – First-world tribe explorer and spokeman

Jean Pierre Dutilleux

Do you know what a first-world tribe is?
They are tribes that live isolated from the modern world and who have preserved their way of life through the ages. Jean Pierre Dutilleux is renowned for making contact with these isolated tribes – as Jacques-Yves Cousteau is renowned for exploring the depth of the seas. Surprisingly both are french-speaking!

There are more than 700 tribal languages reported worldwide. However only a handful of fourth-world tribes still live undeterred by modern man. How amazing would it be to meet these extraordinary people from around the world. As Jean Pierre would say, it’s an opportunity to time-travel through the history of man.

As much important as biodiversity, the preservation of these living tribes is linked to earth’s future. We should respect their pristine homeland with fierce enthusiasm. We are calling ourselves the civilized ones while silently destroying our brothers’ homes and primary resources. Everything is linked and you would be surprised how it affect us even miles away. Take away someone’s foot and then see how challenging life becomes. The same thing is happening on a larger scale when we destroy key habitats of the world; even if we don’t realize it due to the process elapsing over multiple years.

At age 22, Jean Pierre had already filmed and photographed 50 tribes worldwide. We have to thank him for advances in the creation of Amazonian reserves that would otherwise be exploited. Most important is that he help raises awareness about fourth-world tribes. It is surprising how so little information about our wild brothers is available and known by population. I always say we need to add nutrition as a mandatory course in elementary school since people put food in their mouth three times a day (if not more). I now think that fourth-world tribes knowledge should be common knowledge along with geography. Not only it is interesting to learn their beliefs, habitat, method of hunting, foraging, healing, and altogether how they are living in partnership with nature – it would give us so much depth into reality as a society – a reality that is buried inside everyone of us that we dare to look. One fascinating fact is that some fourth-world tribes are able to manage to lives above our society’s reference of poverty. Yeah that’s right! And in our advanced society millions and millions of people are unable to provide for themselves and their family, living below the “poverty line” so to speak, dying of malnutrition and suiciding out of emotional imbalance and psychological distress.

I invite you to watch a sample of Tribal Jouneys Episode 01, Part 1 – The Toulambi on youtube and buy the 6 DVDs box set at http://www.jpdutilleux.com


Anjio meeting with the cameraman